Baby Storytime

photo 1

Before storytime room setup:

I put down receiving blankets or carpet squares.  On top I lay out puppets, egg shakers, maracas, home-made rhythm scarves, and a developmental toy or two.  My display notebook (for the parents/caregivers) with the songs I will share is at the front, open to the first page and the books I read are on the floor beside it.  I also have a sack with my paperwork where I will sit.  In it I have pens, the participant list, and developmental literature handouts. For more information go to my Baby Storytime How-To page.

A sample storytime is below:

Parent Handout: Baby_Repeating Songs and Rhymes

Opening Song and Rhymes:  Hello Song   
                                                Open, shut them


 Jack and Jill


Noble duke of york


old macdonald


Closing Songs: More we get together
                           Goodbye song

Social Time  (for about 15 minutes)


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