Monkey Toddler Storytime

Monkeys   (handout for parents)

Ahlberg, Allan Monkey Do!
Bynum, Janie Kiki’s Blankie
Fox, Mem Two Little Monkeys
Slack, Michael Monkey Truck
Itsy Bitsy Monkey

(to the tune of “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”)

The itsy bitsy monkey climbed up the coconut tree

Down came a coconut & hit him on his knee-OWWW

Out came a lion a shakin his mighty mane—ANNND—

The itsy bitsy monkey climbed up the coconut tree.

(Pretend to be climbing up a tree)

(Make a fist & hit knee)

(Frame face with hands to look like a lion & shake head)

(Pretend to be climbing up a tree)

 Animals in the Jungle

(tune: Wheels on the Bus)

The monkeys in the jungle say ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh,

The monkeys in the jungle say ooh, ooh, ooh, all day long.

The parrots in the jungle say squawk …..

The tigers in the jungle say grrr,….


Five Little Monkeys Swingin’ in a Tree

Five little monkeys swingin’ in the tree,  teasing Mr. Alligator can’t catch me!

Along came Mr. Alligator quiet as can be …. and snapped that monkey outta that tree!

 No more monkeys swinging in the tree!


 Put up 5 fingers
Put thumbs in ears and wiggle hands as if to tease


 Put palms together and make a snake like movement

Open palms like a mouth and snap the shut
Repeat rhyme moving down the numbers until there are no more

 Put hands up like “Uh oh, no more” and act suprised



Monkey Math Problems
Alborough, Jez Hug
Aylesworth, Jim Naughty little monkeys
Barnett, Mac Count the monkeys
Christelow, Eileen Five Little Monkey Jumping On the Bed
Gravett, Emily Monkey and Me

Snow Toddler Storytime


Snow (Handout)

Henkes, Kevin Oh!                              
Keats, Ezra Jack The Snowy Day
Shulevitz, Uri Snow
Siddals, Mary McKenna Millions of Snowflakes
Stoeke, Janet Morgan A Hat for Minerva Louise
Stojic, Manya Snow
Chubby Little Snowman

A chubby little snowman had a carrot nose.

Along came a bunny and what do you suppose?

That hungry little bunny, looking for his lunch

Ate that little snowman’s nose, nibble nibble crunch!



Point to nose.

Hold up two fingers to make a bunny.


Pretend to grab nose.


Sing a Song of Snowflakes

Sing a song of snowflakes,
White and soft and cool;
Four and twenty children
Running home from school.
Hear their laughter ringing
As they shout and play;
What jolly fun they’re having
On this snowy winter day!

Sing a song of snowflakes,
Rosy cheeks and chins;
With the snowballs flying,
Playful war begins.
See them dodge and duck as
They quickly run away;
What jolly fun they’re having
On this snowy winter day!

Following the leader,
On and on they run;
Plunging through the snowdrifts,
Falling down in fun.
Making snowy angels
All along the way;
What jolly fun they’re having
On this snowy winter day!

(Tune: “Sing a Song of Sixpence”)
 snow flake


Buchner, Caralyn Snowmen at Night
Ehlert, Lois Snowballs
Gibbons, Gail It’s Snowing!
Hest, Amy You Can Do It, Sam
Judge, Lita Red Sled
Martin, Jacqueline Snowflake Bently
Messner, Kate Over and Under the Snow
Schertle, Alice All you need for a Snowman
Thompson, Lauren Mouse’s First Snow
Ziefert, Harriet Snow Party

Baby Storytime

photo 1

Before storytime room setup:

I put down receiving blankets or carpet squares.  On top I lay out puppets, egg shakers, maracas, home-made rhythm scarves, and a developmental toy or two.  My display notebook (for the parents/caregivers) with the songs I will share is at the front, open to the first page and the books I read are on the floor beside it.  I also have a sack with my paperwork where I will sit.  In it I have pens, the participant list, and developmental literature handouts. For more information go to my Baby Storytime How-To page.

A sample storytime is below:

Parent Handout: Baby_Repeating Songs and Rhymes

Opening Song and Rhymes:  Hello Song   
                                                Open, shut them


 Jack and Jill


Noble duke of york


old macdonald


Closing Songs: More we get together
                           Goodbye song

Social Time  (for about 15 minutes)

Websites to help with storytime

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Toddler Storytimes 2 – Diane Briggs – Google Books.url

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ZERO TO THREE Homepage.url


Brimful Curiosities Where’s Walrus by Stephen Savage – Book Review and Walrus’s Whiskers Craft.url

Busy Bee Kids Crafts Fun and Easy Crafts for Kids.url

Cheap & Easy Button Snake – Jonah Lisa Land.url

Crafts « Narrating Tales of Preschool Storytime.url

HarperCollins Children’s Books – Kids Games and Contests Printables.url

Kid’s Book Club Book – Book Recommendations.url


Parenting Press Skill-Building Books for Parents, Teachers & Children.url

Pipe Cleaner Crafts Dazzling Duck Barnyard Animal Crafts FamilyFun.url

Homemade Toys Fun & Engaging Activities for Toddlers.url

Kern County Library – 100 Picture Books Every Child Should Know.url

KidsSoup Store Preschool activities and online games for kids.url

Play Create Explore Felt Rainbow Busy Bag.url

Read to me… – Reading Aloud.url

Shapes and Colors Busy Bag.url

Storytime_messages.doc – Google Drive.url

Shapes Toddler Storyime

Shapes  (Handout)

Baker, Alan Brown Rabbit’s Shape Book
Katz, Karen Baby’s Shapes
Reidy, Hannah All Sorts of Shapes
Rookie Toddler Do you see shapes?
Shapes chant

Put your shapes in the air,

Hold it high and keep it there.

Put your shape on your back,

Now lay it on your lap.

Put your shape on your toes,

Now hold it by your nose.

Hold your shape in your hand,

Now everyone please stand. 

Wave your shape at the door

Now touch your shape to the floor.

Hold your shape in your hand and jump, jump, jump,

Now toss your shape way, way up.

Give each child a shape to do the actions of the chant   

hold in the air

continue to hold over head

reach back and put shape on back

put shape on lap

touch shape to toes

touch shape to nose

stretch out hand in front of you

have children stand up

face door and shake shape

touch shape to floor in front of you

hold shape and jump up and down


toss shape up in front of you


This is a square. This is a square.
How can you tell? How can you tell?
It has four sides,
All the same size.
It’s a square. It’s a square.

This is a circle. This is circle.
How can you tell? How can you tell?
It goes round and round,
No end can be found.
It’s a circle. It’s a circle.

This is a triangle. This is a triangle.
How can you tell? How can you tell?
It only has three sides,
That join to make three points.
It’s a triangle. It’s a triangle.

This is a rectangle. This is a rectangle.
How can you tell? How can you tell?
It has two short sides,
And it has two long sides.
It’s a rectangle. It’s a rectangle. 

(to the tune of: “Frere Jacques”)


  From “Storytime Katie” blog


Make a house out of shapes. Give each child a set of precut assorted shapes in different sizes and colors to construct their own “shape house”. I gave them squares, circles, triangles and rectangles. They can glue the shapes to a large piece of construction paper and then color the background with crayons if they want. Or make a mouse out of shapes like in the book “Mouse Shapes”.
Baker, Alan Brown Rabbit’s Shape Book
Ehlert, Lois Color Zoo
Hoban, Tana So many circles, so many squares
MacDonald, Sue Shape by Shape
Murphy, Stuart Circus Shapes
Rookie Toddler Shapes
Thong, Roseanne Greenfield Round Is a Tortilla: A Book of Shapes (bi-lingual)
Walsh, Ellen Stoll Mouse Shapes

Opening and Closing Storytime

 I open and close both baby and toddler storytime the same way.  I usually give the handouts below to the parents on their first storytime class.


Opening sequence:  Hello Song then Open, Shut Them

Closing sequence:  The More We Get Together then Goodbye Song

I have added an additional rhyme for anytime there is a new participant.  Name Song–  When we do The Name Song we shake egg shakers or maracas to the beat of the song.  For toddlers, I will enunciate the syllables in their name with a shake for each syllable.

Tiger Toddler Storytime

 Tigers (Handout for Parents)

Baker, Keith Who is the Beast?
Fleming, Candace Oh, No!
LaRochelle, David It’s a Tiger!
Taylor, Thomas The Loudest Roar
Eeny, meeny, miney, mo 

Eeny, meeny, miney, mo
Catch a tiger by the toe

When he hollers let him go

Eeny, meeny, miney, mo

 point to each finger

catch a finger following the rhyme

let go of finger

Tiger Pokey


Put your right paw in
Take your right paw out
Put your right paw in
And shake it all about
Do the Tiger Pokey
And turn yourself around
That’s what it’s all about.


Continue with:
Left paw…
Right leg…
Left leg…

Paper Plate Tiger



Paper Plate painted orange
Black Construction Paper  (for stripes)Orange Construction Paper  (for ears)Large googlie eyes
Glue Stick
Child Safety Scissors



Banks, Kate Close Your Eyes
Edwards, Pamela Roar: A Noisy Counting Book  (lions)
Lillegard, Dee Tiger, Tiger
Taylor, Thomas The Loudest Roar



Who is the Beast

Eeny, meeny, miney, mo


Tiger Pokey

Animals in the Jungle



Social time

Books for Babies

Books for Baby- With pictures


Author                                    Title                                                  

Adler, Victoria All of Baby Noes to Toes
Aliki Welcome, Little Baby
Anastas, Margaret Mommy’s Best Kisses
Bajaj, Varsha How Many Kisses Do You Want Tonight?
Baker, Keith Big Fat Hen
Bang, Molly Ten, Nine, Eight
Begin Smart Books Bouncy Baby
Begin Smart Books Hooray For Hands!
Blackstone, Stella Cleo’s Color Book  
Bornstein, Ruth Little Gorilla  
Bowie, C.W. Busy Fingers  
Boynton, Sandra Moo, Baa, La, La, La  
Boynton, Sandra But Not the Hippopotamus  
Boyton, Sandra The Going to Bed Book   
Brown, Marc Tolon Finger Rhymes  
Brown, Margaret Wise Goodnight Moon  
Brown, Margaret Wise Runaway Bunny  
Buck, Nola Hey! Little Baby
Buck, Nola How a Baby Grows
Butler, John Whose Baby Am I?
Cabrera, Jane Kitty’s Cuddles
Cabrera, Jane Wheels on the Bus
Church, Caroline Do Your Ears Hang Low?
Cimarusti, Marie Thomas Peek-a-moo
Collins, Heather This Little Piggy  
Cousins, Lucy Maisy’s Rainbow Dream  
Cowley, Joy Mrs. Wishy Washy
Crews, Donald Ten Black Dots  
Crews, Donald Freight Train  
Davis, Jerry Little Chicken’s Big Day
DK Publishing Baby Says Peekaboo  
Fickes Shapiro, Jody Family Lullaby  
Fleming, Candace This is the Baby  
Fleming, Denise Barnyard Banter  
Fleming, Denise Sleepy, Oh So Sleepy
Fox, Mem Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes
Fox, Mem Time for Bed
Franco, Betsy Silly Sally
Fuge, Charles I Know A Rhino
Garcia, Emma Tip, Tip, Dig, Dig
Gentieu, Penny Baby! Talk!
Ginsburg, Mirra Across the Stream
Hale, Sara Josepha Mary Had a Little Lamb  
Halpern,  Shari Little Robin Redbreast: A Mother Goose
Hayes, Anna Jane So Big!  (Sesame Street Beginnings)
Henderson, Kathy Bounce, Bounce, Bounce  
Henderson, Kathy Bumpety Bump  
Henderson, Kathy Babies Book of Babies  
Henderson, Kathy Look at You! A Baby Body Book  
Hill, Eric Where’s Spot?  
Hoban, Tana White on Black  
Hopgood, Tom WOW! Said the Owl
Hubbell, Patricia Pots and Pans
Isadora, Rachel I Hear, I See, I Touch  
Isadora, Rachel Uh-oh!
Jonas, Ann When You Were a Baby  
Jones, Ann Two Bear Cubs  
Kalan, Robert Jump Frog Jump  
Katz, Karen Now I’m Big!  
Katz, Karen Where is Baby’s Belly Button?  
Kemp, Moira This Little Piggy
Kopper, Lisa Daisy Knows Best  
Krosoczka, Jarrett Bubble Bath Pirates
Kubler, Annie Humpty Dumpty
Kubler, Annie Ten Little Fingers
LaRochelle, David It’s a Tiger
Lasordo, Stephen Cow Moo Me
Martin, Bill Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See?  
Martin, David We’ve all got bellybuttons!
Marzollo, Jean Mama Mama  
Marzollo, Jean Papa Papa  
McDonnell, Flora I love Animals
McGee, Marni Wake Up, Me!
Miller, Margaret Whose Hat?
Murphy, Mary Like It When
Murphy, Mary I Kissed the Baby!
Newcome, Zita Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
O’Book, Irene Maybe My Baby
O’Connell, Rebecca Baby Goes Beep
O’Connell, Rebecca Baby Parade
Opie, Iona Here Comes Mother Goose
Oxenbury, Helen Family
Oxenbury, Helen All Fall Down
Oxenbury, Helen Tickle, Tickle
Pinkney, Andrea Watch Me Dance
Ra, Carol Trot, Trot to Boston  (Best for Parents)
Root, Phyllis Flip, Flap, Fly
Saport, Linda All the Pretty Little Horses
Suen, Anastasia Red Light, Green Light
Shaw, Nancy Sheep in a Jeep
Simmons, Jane Come Along Daisy
Smee, Nicola Clip-Clop
Stein, David Erza Pouch
Steptoe, John Baby Says
Sturges, Philemon I Love Trains
Sturges, Philemon How do you make a baby smile?  
Sturges, Philemon I Love Planes
Taback, Simms Taback’s Big Book of Words
Tafuri, Nancy All Kinds of Kisses
Tafuri, Nancy Busy, Little Squirrel
Taylor, Ann Baby Dance
Thomas, Joyce Carol You Are My Perfect Baby
Uff, Caroline Lulu’s Busy Day
Walton, Rick What Do We Do With the Baby?
Wardlaw, Lee First Steps
Warnes, Tim Mommy Mine
Weiss, Nicki Where does the Brown Bear Go?
Wells, Rosemary The Bear Went Over the Mountain
Wheeler, Lisa Jazz Baby
Williams, Sue I Went Walking
Williams, Vera B. More, More, More Said the baby!
Wilson, Karma Baby Cakes
Wilson, Karma Baby, I love You
Wilson, Karma The Cow Loves Cookies
Wolff, Ashley Me Baby, You  Baby
Young, Ruth Golden Bear